QPC – who, what, why, how?

QPC Vision

Established in 1998, QPC works on the basis of respect; for ourselves, each other, the Land, the Spirits, Animals, the Planet, the Folk (also called Faery), the Mysteries and Deities. As Queer Pagans we come from a variety of pagan paths and from all forms of gender identity and consensual sexuality. If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans (LGBT), heterosexual, gender-queer, asexual, non- binary – however you identify you will be welcome here. We also look at our pagan practices from a queer perspective – exploring and creating queer myths and mysteries and challenging those practices which do not fit our queer pagan, earth-honouring values.

Several people hold a large banner. On the banner are the words Queer Pagan Camp in bright bold letters
Queer Pagan Camp banner at a demo against the war in Iraq

The wheel of life is out of balance. Climate change, religious intolerance, animal cruelty, austerity and loss of access to sacred places are all examples of increasing global and personal challenges. But by our conscious choices and actions we can make a difference in the world; taking action to save endangered species or displaced peoples, growing community food networks, opposing fracking and badger culling and celebrating what is possible to create a world of love and trust.

We come together to restore the balance but Queer Pagan Camp is also a place for revelry and celebration; for drumming and singing, for ritual and chanting, for creativity and maze walking, play and fun – for ball gowns and wellies.

A queer pagan playing the theremin as a humanoid sea-monster amongst moving waves of blue lamé and dayglo fish and crustaceans swam by all lit by ultraviolet light.
A performance at our fabulous cabaret

We are a Do It Together group –   camp is financed, set up and run by us. We work together, and individually, to create a safe, celebratory, magical space for all. Decisions are made collectively and roles are rotated regularly but we still value the spontaneous opportunity to give to each other with an open heart. We learn from each other. We are not afraid to ask for help or for clarity or to offer both.

We positively invite Spirits of Place, the Folk and Mysteries to participate in camp and we respect those people who provide voices for them.

Dawn at Queer Pagan Camp in Mid Devon - the sun shines through beech trees overhanging a bell tent and the grass is green.

Queer Pagan Camp also works on the basis of self-identification – of gender, sexuality, income, physical or mental ability or impairment. We believe the world puts up barriers that stop people being included and we aspire to remove those barriers to full participation.  We value people of all ages and we welcome people of all gender identities and sexualities, cultures and ethnicities, and both disabled and non- disabled people.  While young people and children remain the responsibility of their parents, we make camp a welcoming place for them and everyone else. Our camp is based on inclusion and honesty.

Come and share your song, your drumming, your magic, rituals, political insights, environmental solutions, your crafts, recipes and queer pagan spirit!