It is with great disappointment that we have decided to cancel Queer Pagan Camp this year owing to Covid 19. However, please watch this space for online magical workshops, rituals and other queer pagan initiatives. We hope to see you there! 

Welcome to the website of Queer Pagan Camp! QPC is a place where people from all gender and sexual identities gather together to explore our connections with nature, spirit and the land. Read more about us here, feel free to ask questions here and we do hope to see you around the firepit at our next gathering!

Queer because we recognise that there are many paths to ‘spirit’, ‘nature’ and ‘magic’ and we positively revel in diversity. We welcome dykes, divas, drag queens and kings of all genders, faggots and faeries, bisexuals, trisexuals, funky heterobunnies, transvestites, transgendered and transsexual warriors, deviant angels, lesbians, gays, butches, femmes, celibates and shape-shifters………and all the magic you may bring that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Pagan because we are witches, shamans, faery workers, druids, magicians, chaos workers and other pagans with earth honouring spirituality. We welcome those who want to find out more about paganism, practising pagans and those who feel they have lost their connection.

Queer Pagan Camp grew out of the experiences of people being marginalised by wider society and other pagan or spiritual groups based on stereotypes of sexual identities and gender preferences The first principal of Queer Paganism is respect for each other, ourselves, the Spirits and the Land, and we work on the basis of self-identification

As Queer Pagans we communicate directly with spirits, nature, ancestors, Gods, Goddesses or other divinities. We do not need mediators. We work consensually to create rituals. We do not need hierarchies. We welcome spirits and work with them. We do not command them. We share knowledge of different traditions and we create new ways of working. Stirring the cauldron of gender we are not limited by gender-based magical working. We believe we can all work with spiritual power, that we all can be our own healers, celebrants and guides.

And there’s a lot of fabulous dressing up and glitter too

Our ethos

We have four agreements that we ask everyone to read before booking their place at Camp. Please have a look.